Fibreglass Resin FAQ'S

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A: 1% to 2% (9cc to 18cc per 1kg) for Resin 2% to 3% (18cc to 27cc per 1kg) for Gel Coat. These percentages are based on working in a temperature of 61 degrees F.

A: Redundant GRP based products can go to landfill as long as the resin products are fully cured beforehand.

A: Carbon Fibre should only be used with Epoxy or Vynalester Resin. You would need to visit a Manufacturers website to find strength characteristics.

A: Resin can only be thickened with talc, fillite, A.T.H or any other readily available fillers. Gel coat is already thickened therefore I would not suggest that you add any more. Colour matching is very difficult unless you have the manufacturers RAL number. If you are going to carry out the repair with gel coat, please call our offices for some advice.

A: If you are in the UK the best place to come would be here at CYB! Visit our Workshops page to find out more details.