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5 Rules for applying fibreglass resin

  1. Wear Safety Equipment

    When working with Fibreglass, it is essential that you wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to guard against direct skin contact - the fibreglass matting and resin can be very itchy. The materials including Catalyst and Resin can burn the skin and can cause eye irritation, so having a First Aid Kit, and an Eye Wash Station are essential when dealing with Fibreglass.

  2. Provide Sufficient Ventilation

    When working with Fibreglass we recommend wearing a respirator P3 Mask, this doesn’t matter whether you are working inside or outside. When working in a small area it is essential to open a window and the door during the application. If a window is not accessible, then take plenty of breaks and continue to wear your respirator throughout.

  3. Use Fibreglass Matting or Cloth

    If you are repairing an area that is damaged or needs to be resealed Fibreglass Resin isn’t strong enough on its own, it is important that you use the Chopped Strand Mat or cloth as well as the Resin. The Resin only provides the bonding effect and aids with the waterproofing. The Chopped Strand Mat or cloth will provide the patch with the needed strength.

  4. Use a Roller or Paint Brush

    In order to make the application of Resin and Chopped Strand Mat/Cloth a lot easier and simpler use either a Blue Stripe Resin Roller if the area is large or use a Laminating brush if the area is small.

  5. Apply Immediately

    Resin is dependent on the Catalyst percentage added (between 1 – 4%) and the temperature of the deck or the area you are to fibreglass. Once the catalyst is fully mixed with the Resin it will only take between 10 -30 minutes (depending on the amount of Catalyst added) before the solution will go off, therefore, apply the mixed solution as quick as possible and stop using it once the solution becomes thicker and difficult to brush or roll on.

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