Casting Resin


Rapid Cure Polyester resin that has extended gel time and is compatible with Latex Moulds. This resin has low styrene and reduced exotherm build up which makes it an ideal casting resin that has an opaque finish. Catalyst is required and should be added at 1 - 2% depending on temperature. This resin is used for many application as well as pond and roof building, it is an ideal primer on areas prone to be slightly damp. This price includes the required amount of catalyst.

Polymer Concrete or Other

Highly Filled Applications

Test Units of Measure Nominal

Viscosity Brookfield LVT, Spindle #2 @ 60 cps 155

25°C Gel time, 100g 1.5% KP-9 minutes 9

Gel to peak minutes 11


AOC's Vicast A887-PKH-09 is a

non-thixotropic, prepromoted, semi-rigid,

polyester resin.


A887-PKH-09 is designed for use in polymer

cast applications that back up ABS



•        Rapid cure rate

•        Excellent wet-out properties

•        Excellent adhesion to ABS

•        Fast mould turnover