Flexitec Primer Accelerator 400g


The Flexitec Primer Accelerator is used to speed up the curing of the Flexitec 2020 Primer to allow normal working times in cold conditions and to allow the use of Flexitec 2020 Resin at deck temperatures as low as 1°C. Accelerator is used in addition to the normal powder hardener – not as a replacement. Without accelerator the Flexitec 2020 Primer should not be used below 5°C or where the temperature may fall below 5°C before the resin is cured.


A measure of air temperature is not sufficient. It is important that anyone using accelerators ensures that accurate temperature readings of both the surface onto which the product will be applied and also of the resin itself are taken. To use this product you must have accurate measuring equipment including a Thermal Differential Thermometer, 2x Wire Probes (for measuring surface / air temperature) and 1x penetration probe (for measuring resin temperature

Surface Temperature - Surfaces should be between 1⁰C and 10⁰C. It may be possible to use accelerators above 10⁰C but this may severely reduce working time. To measure this you will require a good quality thermometer capable of reading surface temperature of the deck (this is critical as this could be several degrees different to air temperature).

Primer Temperature - The primer in which you will be adding accelerator should not be overly warm. To measure this you will require a good quality probe thermometer. Ideally if possible the primer should be kept between 5⁰C and 10⁰C prior to use. This may not always be possible but you should try and avoid storing at room temperature prior to adding accelerator. If the primer is warm and you add accelerator you will have too short working time and may lose product. If the primer is too cold it will be too viscous (too thick) and be difficult to use. It will also take a very long time for powder hardener to dissolve.


Add the whole Accelerator pack to the opened and stirred product in its original container at:

10kg Flexitec 2020 Resin = 1x Flexitec 2020 Resin Accelerator

20kg Flexitec 2020 Resin = 2x Flexitec 2020 Resin Accelerator

The effect is to give a typical working time of approximately 25-35 mins at 5°C, using the maximum powder hardener levels (4%).